Women's Study & Growth
Pastor's Table
Disciples of Truth & Solid Rock
Husband & Wives Ministry

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Bread Of Life Ministry

7am Sunrise Service                              FIRST SUNDAY

8am Pastor's Table                                Baptism

8:30-9:25am Breakfast                          The Lord's Supper

9:30am Fulfillment Hour                         Right Hand of Fellowship

10:30am Devotion

              Children's Church                    EVERY 4TH SUNDAY

10:45am Call To Worship                      7am-8am Family Prayer

MONDAYS                                              TUESDAYS

6pm Bread of Life Ministry                      10:30am Bible Study

6:30pm Disciples of Truth                       11:30am Morning Prayer

7:00 Solid Rock Ministry                          6-8pm MABC Credit Union                         

WEDNESDAYS                                         THURSDAYS                               

6:30pm Fulfillment Hour                           10:00am Seniors Exercise Class

             Spiritual Gifts Class                     12-2pm MABC Credit Union

7:30pm Bible Study

8:30pm Church Family Prayer


FRIDAYS                                                   SATURDAYS

6:30pm Youth Bible Study                        1st. Sat. Women's Study & Growth Class 9:30 am

7:00pm Family Fellowship Night               2nd. Sat. Reading Circle 10am-12pm

(4th. Friday each month)                           3rd. Sat. Husband & Wives Ministry 1:00pm



Starts @ 10:30am. This ministry is open to children ages 2-9 years old. Parents are asked to escort their children to Stevenson-Williams Hall.