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Sunday Sermons

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Meeting ID: 85928310831
Tuesdays @ 10 am
Wednesdays @ 7 pm
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7 Plagues Explained

Serious Business Sermon

1st. Sun. Meditation

Be Still or get whacked

Good Friday 2020

In All These Things (more than a conqueror

Undisputable News

Good News for the Obedient

Offend & Stumbling

Seek First The Kingdom

Zeal for God 5/3/20

Mother's Day Sermon 5/10/20

It's All About Him 6/12/20

Where the Power Is 7/19/20

The Lord's Book vs. Facebook 8/21/20

Review of Matthew 8/21/20

Serious Situation 9/3/20

Abounding In Hope #1 11/8/20

Abounding In Hope #2 11/8/20

Parallels and Similarities 

Kingdom Principles Book Download

Original Kingdom Concepts

Bible Study for August 2021

How, How, How, How 5/17/20

All Day Long 5/24/20

God's Gracious Choice 5/31/20

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