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The Mt. Airy Baptist Church Family Praise the Lord Jesus for this visible vision (GALA)

Named GALA because our members were reaching and surpassing a certain age in our congregation. We began to call them "Golden Agers", thank the Lord for the memories of them all. We also declare "GALA" to their memories.

We are pleased to have you all as residents of GALA and want you to know, we are here to represent our Lord Jesus, and provide fro you as extended members "spiritual service".

Our essential ministries in-house are:

1. Sunday Morning Prayer  7AM

2. Pastor's Study Table 8AM

3. Sunday Fulfillment Hour  8:45AM

4. Orientation Class 9AM

5. Sunday Call To Worship  10AM

6. Tuesday Bible Study 10AM

Virtual Media Outreach: Facebook, YouTube and  the church Website

1. Fulfillment Studies  9AM

2. Sunday Worship (streaming)  10AM

3. Wednesday Night Bible Study 7 PM

No funeral services until further notice due to Covid-19)

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